Income Tax Return Year 2023

March 24, 2023

Detailed instructions for preparing TY 2023 Affidavits. 

The Internal Revenue Service (hereinafter also, “SII”) has issued instructions for the preparation of the Affidavits corresponding to the 2023 tax year, a visualization of the different forms, the different models of certificates, instructions for completing the certificates and a extract from the corresponding resolutions.

SII authorized the extraordinary early return for more than 1.1 million returns filed between April 1 and 8, 2023.

The Internal Revenue Service reported today that, once the respective review stage was concluded, it authorized the early refund of Income Tax for 1,166,000 people who filed their declaration between April 1 and 8, for a total of $351,535 million. Of this amount, the SII authorized the return of 85.7%, which is equivalent to $301,352 million.

The final number of refunds that will be deposited in the bank accounts of the taxpayers, as well as the respective amounts, will be informed in the coming days by the General Treasury of the Republic, once that body makes compensation for tax debts and alimony pensions, among other withholdings.

The payment of this refund will be made in an extraordinary manner, on Thursday the 20th of this month, for taxpayers entitled to a tax refund who chose to receive it via electronic transfer.

According to the Operation Income 2023 calendar, the next refund process will be carried out on Monday, May 15, for those who submit their Income Tax Return until April 27 and who opt for electronic transfer.

To date, the SII has received the Income Tax Returns of more than 2.2 million taxpayers, of which more than 1.9 million correspond to tax refund requests. Meanwhile, declarations with payment and payment reach almost 359 thousand.