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At CFA,  lawyers and auditors provide legal, accounting and tax services in a solid and reliable manner. We are committed to the progress of our clients’ business, their problems and challenges.

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Home Appliance & TVs

CFA provides services to companies in the home appliances and TVs category, providing accounting, tax and legal solutions to both the subsidiary in Chile and the parent company abroad, highlighting intercompany services, remittances, transaction structuring and transfer pricing.


We provide accounting services, tax and legal consultancy to energy projects in Chile, whether they are located in the north, center or south of Chile, highlighting the complete analysis of the effects of investments in fixed assets and start-up expenses, among others regarding the business start up in Chile and its growth.

Moda y Entretenimiento

CFA supports innovative and cutting-edge companies, whose vision in the fashion and entertainment industry has been supported in order to solidify their operations in Chile, highlighting international transfers and transfer pricing.


Vast experience in provision of services to Transportation companies, highlighting financial, tax, daily operations, fixed assets and acquisitions analysis, advising on the appropriate accounting and tax treatment for our clients’ decisions in this dynamic area.

Mining and  related mining procedures

CFA advises clients who are in the mining sector, ensuring they receive accounting support, as well as regarding tax advisory regarding effects of initial investments and their structuring in Chile, analyzing the financial and tax impact of the distribution of dividends, loans, among other operations of interest to our clients.

Other productive sectors

CFA also provides services to medical, technological, clinical, agricultural, and automotive companies, among other productive sectors, who have trusted us to comply with Chilean regulations on accounting, tax, and legal issues.

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We develop a solid portfolio of solutions for the most important challenges in the industry.

Legal Services Corporate Law

Contamos con un equipo de abogados expertos en materias tributarias, comerciales, empresariales que prestan servicios de asesoría profesional tanto a personas naturales como empresas.

External Audit of Financial Statements

At CFA we have experts in the financial, accounting and legal area, who with their vast knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), carry out a complete and sufficient Financial Statement Audit service in accordance with a high professional standard. .

Tax Consulting

Contamos con un equipo de profesionales expertos en materias tributarias, legales, contables y financieras cuya trayectoria y prestigio ha sido reconocida año a año por nuestros clientes.

Business and Labor Law

At CFA we provide professional legal advisory services to our clients, companies or natural persons in the relationships they maintain with their employees or employers, as appropriate.

Accounting and Tax Compliance

El servicio de contabilidad y cumplimiento tributario se ajusta para aquellas empresas, nacionales y extranjeras, que decidan delegar funciones financieras a nuestro equipo.

Transfer Pricing (Affidavit 1907)

En CFA asesoramos en materias de Precios de Transferencia y en especial en el deber de cumplimiento con la Declaración Jurada 1907.