Legal Services Labor, Migration Law & Global Mobility

At CFA we provide professional advisory services to our clients, companies or natural persons in the relationships they maintain with their workers or employers, as appropriate. 

Advice on Labor Law, Migration Law and Global Mobility.

We support in the execution of individual work contracts and in the necessary and optimal terms and conditions for the company that are compatible with labor legislation, up to date with the rulings of the Chilean Labor Authority (“DT”) and Labor Courts.

Our Labor Law area will also be able to support you with the representation of the company or the employee before the Labor Authority in inspection processes and before the Labor Law Courts and Superior Courts of Justice in labor claims or protection processes.

In terms of Migration and Global Mobility, we also attend to the migratory and labor situation of expatriate executives, in a comprehensive visa application process, according to the current categories in force to be processed before the Chilean National Migration Service. We plan the best migratory strategy for that foreign employees correctly start their on boarding process to companies in Chile.

At CFA we are constantly updating our knowledge in Labor Law to provide you with high-quality legal advice.

Labor Law Compliance 

The best strategy will always be to ensure compliance with labor legislation, CFA permanently advises both subcontractor companies and owners in projects related to these matters, identifying and mitigating risks and associated legal responsibilities.

In the day-to-day of the companies and people we advise, we prepare documentation, employment contracts, dismissal letters, contract annexes, preparation and calculation of severance, letters, among others. We also provide support to executives and their  labor relations and specific clauses applicable to management.


Labor Law Due-Diligence 

Our lawyers, in synergy with our Accounting and Tax areas, within the process of mergers and acquisitions, or internal reviews, also prepare labor audit reports, in which remuneration structures, labor compliance, and especially possible Labor, tax and social security contingencies that may arise in the company under study for the purposes of a correct assessment of the company’s employment situation.

At CFA we are constantly reviewing the opinions and rulings of the Labor Authority and the Labor Courts and Superior Courts of Justice, which allows us to provide updated advice and advice on current regulations.