Legal Services Corporate, Tax & Commercial Law

A team of expert lawyers in tax, commercial, and business matters that provide professional advisory services to both individuals and companies.

Legal analysis to support the business management

Our legal advice is fully involved in the businesses and specific activities of our clients, whether in local transactions or contracting, international operations, M&A, business restructuring and financing structures or contractual negotiations, with special attention to compliance with current legislation.

At CFA we are constantly updating our knowledge in Business Law to provide high-quality legal advice.

Corporate Law and Commercial Law

Our team of lawyers will always begin corporate advice with an analysis of the commercial history of our Client’s companies, and then, according to the specific requirement, proceed to manage matters such as modification of the bylaws, entry or exit of partners or shareholders and corporate compliance.

We also advise on more complex reorganization processes: merger, division, transformation of companies, all in synergy with our Accounting-Tax area and our multidisciplinary team.

Tax Law legal consultants


Our team of lawyers and consultants will ensure that you provide the best solution for your business in tax matters, including tax diagnoses, whether in respect of entities or national or international operations, and we will advise on the tax treatment applicable to the specific case.

We will collaborate with your company or business to find the best alternatives, considering that an exhaustive analysis of tax exemptions and applicable regulations can provide benefits that cannot be dispensed with. We will actively support your company, especially before audits initiated by the Internal Revenue Service, being able to represent the company in administrative or judicial proceedings.