Tax Advisory

We have a team of professionals who are experts in tax, legal, accounting and financial matters whose professional carreer and prestige have been recognized year after year by our clients.

Local and international tax consultancy

Our clients receive advice regarding the tax system in Chile. This implies advising and bringing the company closer to better results in its tax obligations through: knowledge of the various taxes that apply in Chile, compliance with the various obligations imposed by tax legislation, accounting and financial tools, and strategies for planning efficient.

Our clients have advice in the various situations and operations in which the company must deal with taxes in more than one country and govern local and foreign regulations and international treaties entered into with Chile.

Comprehensive tax planning


Our clients will have our support regarding an efficient structure and tax planning. To this end, the tax structures of the company or the family group or natural persons will be reviewed and advised: annual or monthly tax returns, optimal tax planning, business reorganizations, financing options, profit sharing, investment, in compliance with the current legal framework.

Tax Compliance and Due-Diligence Consulting

Our clients will be able to obtain comprehensive tax compliance diagnostics, together with a tax audit, preparation and review of sworn statements, advice on the request for tax benefits (27bis, VAT for exporters, provisional tax payments, among others), and support in the determination of deferred taxes under local and international regulations (IFRS), obligations imposed by tax legislation, accounting and financial tools and strategies for efficient planning.

Due to the importance of the various acquisitions, we evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the identified operations, the tax, legal, accounting, financial impacts and all kinds of risks in the operations that require due diligence.